Falling In Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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A pair of star-crossed lovers Falling in love involves feelings and memoires one could impossibly forget. What happens when that love starts at a young age and is brought together by fate, a love that is doomed from the start. Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is a play about two teenagers who fall in love, they are not supposed to fall in love due to their family feud. Despite everything they do, and it is a powerful love that stays with you forever. Now one questions, is their love real, or is it just infatuation? In the beginning of the play Juliet seems uninterested in loving anyone, and she is even uninterested in marriage, because when Lady Capulet asks Juliet about her opinion of marriage Juliet answers (1.3.68) ``It is an honour that I dream not of´´ we also see how respectful Juliet is towards her mother as she calls her ``madam´´ (1.2.7). As we read in the beginning of the play we clearly see how miserable and moody Romeo is, because his love Rosaline has rejected him. Romeo feels like he will never find love again and he locks himself…show more content…
Day and night is presented in the play, but light is not always seen as good and dark is not always seen as evil. An example is when Romeo and Juliet spends the night together in (3.5) and both of them pretends that it is still night, and the fact that the light is darkness. Juliet says (3.5.35) ``more light and light it grows´´ again symbolizing how they want it to be night, Romeo says (3.5.36) ``more light and light, more dark and dark our woes´´. This again shows their need of it being dark because it is a protection for their love. In (5.3.86) Romeo says ``her beauty makes this vault a feasting presence full of light´´ indicating that Romeo sees Juliet’s beauty flooding the darkness of the tomb with brilliance. Even in the tomb Juliet’s beauty lights up the whole
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