Falling Into Place Character Analysis

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Nool, Genere James C. 11-STEM Hosea This Is Where the World Ends I. Author: Amy Zhang She was born in China, grew up in Wisconsin, and currently living and studying at New York State. She was known and stood up as an author when her book, Falling Into Place was published in 2014. According to an article, she used to have imaginary friends. And when the others told her to grow up, she turned her imaginary friends into characters, telling their stories. II. Characters a) Micah August Carter- He is a shy, coward, and music-lover best friend of Janie Vivian. He was also accused and interrogated because of an incident related to her (Janie). b) Janie Grace Vivian- She is a wild, imaginative, and party-goer best friend of Micah whom she loved more than anything. After something happened, she was bullied because of fake stories made by her boyfriend. c) Dewey- Micah’s one and only male friend. Their friendship is not as close as Micah-Janie friendship but close enough for them to share personal information and even wrestle each other. d) Ander Cameron- A regionals representative of Waldo in wrestling. Janie’s boyfriend and the one who made Janie suffer from bullying. III. Summary Micah woke up with selective retrograde amnesia remembering nothing except for few things. Dewey, who always play an apocalypse game and smoke packs of cigarette a day is the only one who visits Micah in the hospital and always the one who told answers to Micah’s questions. There’s this time where two

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