Falling Into The Economic Hole Analysis

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Falling into the Economic hole. “College is part of the American Dream, It shouldn’t be part of a financial nightmare for families” – Barbara Mikuski Part of the American Dream is to go to college and get a degree in order to better your family situation. What we fail to notice is that obtaining the American Dream is getting harder by the minute. It is hard to convey a message of prosperity when college tuition just seems to be going through the roof as they year goes by. Financial aid seems to be getting harder to obtain or the scholarships and grants keep on declining. Often times we don’t see the hard choice a senior in high school has to make when he is deciding his/ her future. Student debt shouldn’t become a nightmare to students or…show more content…
According to Kolodner, forty percent of low income students that are accepted into the college of their choice are not able to fulfill their dreams due to the tuition shocker. We don’t tend to see how much debt a student is coming out with since college just gets more expensive by the day. It is understandable to know that the money is used to better the university or the college but at the same time there are fees that shouldn’t be in place. In the article “Why are low income students not showing up to college even though they have been accepted” it describes the frustration that a student is living as they are learning about different types of financial aid. According to the article they are being taught that a subsidized loan is the same as a grant ( Kolodner). Students shouldn’t be in that fear of not being able to distinguish what is free money and what needs to be paid off. I can put myself in most of the student’s shoes, coming to a private Baptist university a lot of scholarships are offered but the tuition is set too high that you still have to take out a loan in order to get the best education. Although it does have its perks to go to a small university, at the end of the day you question is the money you are putting into your education matter. I believe that students should be offered less tuition and the same amount of scholarships, so that scholarships can cover most of their tuition fee. It is hard to see teenagers come out of college with an immense amount of debt and they are just starting their
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