False Accusations In Animal Farm

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Murdering a human being is not necessary, when it is over false accusations. In the novel Animal Farm, (in this case I will be referring to them as humans), Napoleon, is well known for his manipulative personality and having a hatred towards Snowball, his opponent for power. When the plot progresses, animals confess their siding with Snowball and without hesitation, he orders his team of soldiers to murder everyone who has confessed. Although Napoleon had no hard evidence of his citizen’s helping and siding with Snowball, he murdered them anyways off of false accusations. In contrast to To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson was murdered over a false accusation. Most of the novel, Atticus is defending Tom who was accused for “raping” Mayella. After the trial was finished, Tom was unanimously voted guilty by the jury and was put into prison. After being placed into prison, he tried to escape, which got him shot seventeen times. The citizens who died in Animal Farm and Tom aswell, were both murdered over false accusations. Just because Tom was black, everyone in Maycomb assumed that he raped Mayella, but there was no hard proof except for the eyes of Mayella and Bob themselves. Bob did in fact hurt Mayella and used Tom for his cover up. That is why you always have to get hard evidence to prove someone guilty, but even then murdering someone over it,…show more content…
In the movie A Time To Kill, Carl Lee’s daughter, Tonya Hailey, was raped by two men named Billy Ray Cobb and James Willard. As Billy Ray Cobb and James Willard were about to go to a hearing at court, Carl Lee comes out with a M16 and kills both of the men who raped his daughter. Carl Lee was angry over the fact that Billy Ray and James raped his daughter, so he decides to kill them. He could have let them rot and be miserable in jail, but killed them to make the situation more worse than it already was. Similarly, Martin Luther King was assassinated over
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