False Beauty Essay

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Ashley Kitisya
Amna Abid
Extended essay draft 1
September 5, 2014 To What Extent Does the “Thin Ideal” in Media Affect Women’s Body Image?
Cognitive psychology states that we are influenced by what we perceive. Exposure to distortions contribute greatly to negative body image and unhealthy practises in order to look a way that may not necessarily be possible for every woman’s body structure. Such distortions are mostly viewed through the media i.e. magazines, televisions, billboards and posters. These distortions indicate false beauty that is stereotypical, unachievable and unrealistic for most women. Most women know this but these images and figured are widespread and on every corner;it is hard to not to come across them in any first world country, and thus unconsciously get influenced by them.
This essay will explore different areas where false beauty is portrayed and the extent to which women would go to in order to resemble these images in this day and age depending on how badly they want it.
A study in 1997 by Psychology today called the BIM (Body Image Study) revealed that americans have more discontent with their body than ever before by 59% . In 2011 another study in America by glamour magazine; a very popular magazine among Americans revealed that 97% percent of women have had at least one “I hate how my body looks” experience. Body image issues posses a great danger in our time as women negative body image increases and more children are born into
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