False Illusions In Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

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Bradbury’s, The Martian Chronicles characters have the ability to create false illusions to keep them to accept face the truth in reality. What is the purpose does self delusion have on the Mars? Well for many of the characters they created these self delusion in order to reject the reality that were given to them. The disaster that happen Earth cause people to go mentally insane. In Mars the human behaviors are changed, showing a dark side of human imperfect behaviors. The Martian Chronicles shows the human lead their own destruction on Earth, people who stays on Mars get chance to start over, but due to their false illusions they refuse accept reality. The Martian Chronicles is a science fiction short story, about how people tried to explore Mars, failed at first, but ended up colonize Mars. After colonizing Mars there a war on Earth, the war on Earth had massive destruction caused by people. Bradbury’s constantly uses examples about how humanity imperfect behaviors keep them from accepting reality, insteading accepting their own imagination. Characters in each short story are shown to have these imperfect behaviors to keep them from accepting reality. The characters such as Walter Gripp, and Hathaway creates a false illusions towards their views that affect their way of life. The characters views on Mars aren't completely facts, but changed their…show more content…
One of theses behaviors is self delusion affecting the people reality. These self delusions keep people from going insane, to hide reality from themselves. This is important because this these characters are able live on Mars to create a new life. Some people on mars show their dark behaviors, but some them make illusions to keep them from going insane. The self destruction on the war on earth is showing us the reflection of people. Some people can’t stand the truth, this why people creating illusions to blocked from the
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