False Maria Analysis

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False Maria which was given the birth by the crazy scientist in Metropolis, is not just a simple robot. It, or should have called her, has already become a motif. In fact, in the history of film, a great number of female robot images existed. By looking through these movies, it is easy to find that the concept of False Maria is keep changing. Also, a number of problems related to False Maria have coming out.
The first thing I want to explain is the meaning of ‘False Maria character’. In my opinion, with the evil robot Maria in Metropolis as a start, not only the doctor’s female assistant in Blade Runner which is replicate – a higher level robot, but also the AI female killer in Ghost in the Shell as well as AI Eva in Ex Machina and system OS in Her which is even without body, are all AIs created by demiurge-like scientists. These forms of robots have higher and higher level of mind and thoughts, so that they may do things beyond human moral. Therefore, it is fair to say that False Maria is a theme that can represent the female AI science fiction movies. However, if these AI must be female? I think the answer is yes. ‘Whether A.I. needs a gender?’ This is a self-reflexive question raised by protagonist in Ex Machina, which could also explain why AI in False Maria series movies must be female. Ex Machina is about Nathan, the IT tycoon who has established an Internet searching engine empire, tries to create a perfect AI – Eva. He deliberately selected programmer Caleb from
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