False Messiah Rapture

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This will deal the antichrist a deadly blow on his authority to rule because the rapture event will be televised worldwide leaving the world behind in despair and anguish of soul because of the sudden disappearance of millions of believers. _______________________________________ • For this reason, before he could assert his authority as a world dictator, the Beast would depend on the ministry of the lamb-like beast, which spake as a dragon, to give the people of the world false hope and comfort them to pin their hope on the false Messiah and thus, be deceived into thinking that the False Messiah is their hope and future in those catastrophic circumstances. • THIS WILL UNDOUBTEDLY HEAL THE FATAL WOUND ON ONE OF THE ANTICHRIST’S HEAD OF DECEIT! •…show more content…
• The fact that this beast has lamb-like horns imply that he is a religious leader, but ironically however, “he spake like a dragon”, meaning that although he has an outward form of godliness (of a religious leader), but the spirit inside him is that of a dragon. _______________________________________ This lamb-like beast then refers to none other than the false prophet or a religious leader of the World church! (Revelations 20:10) _______________________________________________ The False Prophet – A Supposed Leader of the World
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