False Misconception In Law Enforcement

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Headstrong in the face of adversity, they took an oath and they will uphold it. At least a vast majority of them. Officers have achieved a bad rap in the past couple years because of a few legitimate bad apples and primarily the media trying their damnedest to paint a poor picture wherever possible of police. The false misconception created from this narrative has garnered enough attention that the positive and hard work officers do everyday seems to have been forgotten. People hastily right officers off as it seems so easy and then when they need them the most, they are left no choice but to ask for help from the same officers they just wrote off. Coming from a family who is heavily involved within law-enforcement I see on a daily basis all…show more content…
Seeing how easily a negative picture can be painted to outsiders really strikes a nerve with me as I have seen from the inside on how much officers care about and give back to the community. I have to wonder on how it has become that law enforcement has been so severely forgotten as people to uphold the peace and protect their communities and this narrative of hatred towards the uniform relentlessly grows. I hope to help change this narrative one day, to help restore a public trust once again between officers and their communities and to stop all of the panic because of some stories that were twisted to the public view to better fit the narrative of how officers are no longer these pillars of justice and rather bloodthirsty killers. It is weird to know that some people in the world want to harm members of my family merely because of the occupation of their job, especially when you consider that job is meant to be on of protecting the innocent and those who can no longer protect themselves. Having the good officers do is not healthy for the communities their are sworn to protect, expanding the rift between both officers and their communities is paving a road of danger in disaster just waiting to happen, because I have seen how well a well-respected force can perform in their community it is extremely important to me that more communities in our country can have this level of trust and reliance on their
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