False Perception Of Beauty

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It seems humans are programmed with their own unique beauty detectors. Across cultures, there are variations of aesthetic preferences shaped by thousands of years of evolutionary standards, and now – in this modern age where technological advances influenced social ideals such as the mainstream media’s portrayal of physical beauty, it caused some of us to be subliminally fooled into copying unrealistic beauty standards of Photoshop and one of the solutions towards that insane goal of perfection is by using a wide selection of trendy makeups.
We hear a lot of stories out there that tell women don’t really need makeup to look beautiful and it’s okay to have blackheads, acne and other image issues. Meanwhile, there are those girls who have a
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These also suppresses their own authentic selves, leaving it glued into their minds that they are subject to this false perception of beauty.
Sadly, it is a reality these girls live in: our sick society treats attractiveness as a quality that seems to be required for a more favorable treatment and they are often seen as more likable people because of their appeal. Ironically, society also wants us to be true to who we really are. Such stress burdens these poor anxious girls and it makes them stay contained inside their own makeup of self-deception that they painted for themselves.
On days when women wear their makeup on, it does somehow lift up their self-esteem, make them feel good and boost their confidence. But that is not enough since it hides their inner selves and avoids to understand that little voice inside trying to reach out and screaming, “It’s okay to be yourself and this is a time for you to grow better!
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Well, this obviously doesn’t include girls whose eyebrows are always on fleek. ;) It’s not that hard to think when's the right time to put some makeup on, and know when it’s not.
On top of that, it is important to realize that superficial beauty is as transient as youth. It is short-lived and will never last so long because people get old and will soon look like an ancient chunk of flesh, lose the youthful skin that once glowed soft pink, hair thins and turns gray, and then even in the end, forgets about the societal norms – never again to care so much about what people say.
To escape this beauty illusion and deprecating situation, it is important to appreciate one's flaws and to take care of one’s well-being. If this is you, learn to love yourself right. Using makeups is not bad, but once it negatively affects some aspects of your life without you realizing it beforehand whilst losing touch of reality, it is time for you to grasp that it’s clearly your
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