Falsely Accused Of His Role In Lincoln's Murder Essay

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Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Was Falsely Accused Of His Role In Lincoln’s Murder A little after the confederates surrendered at Appomattox, Lincoln went to see a play at Ford’s theater in Washington.D.C. The only security guard left to get a drink at a nearby bar, while he was gone Booth seized his chance and shot Lincoln In the head. Booth then jumped off onto the stage and broke his left ankle in the process and left. After traveling thirty miles {south of Washington} Booth and Herold came to Dr. Mudd’s house/farm around midnight. After they woke up the startled farmer they came inside where Mudd examined and fixed Booth’s ankle.After their long journey Booth and Herold ended up getting caught and dying. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was guilty of some stuff, but not all. When Booth and Herold came to Dr. Mudd’s farm, Herold knocked on the door. Mudd, surprised at being woken up in the middle of the night, opened the door. Even more surprised was who he saw, a stranger. Source one it states “ Herold was a stranger to Mudd - the doctor had never laid eyes on him before-...” . To save them Herold lied and said that he and his partner had been on a ride when his partner had fallen off and broke his ankle. Believing in the lie Mudd {being a doctor} helped…show more content…
Mudd falls within the rule. On the morning after the assassination, about daybreak, Booth arrived at his house. He did not find the doctor on watch for him, as a guilty accomplice, expecting his arrival, would have been, but he and all his household were profound asleep… The doctor rose from his bed, assisted Booth into the house, laid him upon the sofa, took him upstairs to a bed, set the fractured bone… But he did not know and had no reason to suspect, that his patient was a fugitive
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