'Falsifications Used In The Film JFK'

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INTRODUCTION This is a report intended to observe the falsifications found in the film JFK. As this movie is often found to a very popular film of an interpretation of John F. Kennedy’s death—as often found with historical films—JFK contains accurate historical facts, as well as many exaggerations used to create a better storyline. Oliver Stone’s film is often criticized for Jim Garrison’s findings, which are often debated as containing inaccurate information; however, the story has numerous factual errors of the Garrison investigation itself. JIM GARRISON The film depicts District Attorney, Jim Garrison, as being a stand-up citizen who is simply trying to reveal the truth of the thirty-fifth President. Three years after Kennedy’s death, Garrison becomes enraptured back into the case, criticizing the investigation and the Warren report, saying, “it's one of the sloppiest, most disorganized investigations I've ever seen.” Garrison also verbally argues with his wife in the film when she complains about the amount of time he spends researching the case. Though his wife feels neglected, Garrison’s character is seen to be a man of his work, passionately…show more content…
Though Garrison and his wife bicker throughout the film, the most physical act in an argument when Garrison throws a book across the room. Also in the film, Jim Garrison’s family is put at
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