Falstaff In Henry IV Part I

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The Significance of Falstaff In Henry IV Part I, Falstaff is an extended character who portrays relentless humor and folly. In Shakespeare’s other works such as Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing, the comedic characters or scenes are minor and almost insignificant to the grand plot, however in Henry IV Part I Falstaff is a major character. It begs the question why Shakespeare chose to extend Falstaff and how this decision added to the plot. Falstaff is a significant character in a way where he is a father figure to Hal and a representation of one who does not see the purpose of honor. In the Henry IV Part I, throughout the entirety of the play Falstaff and Hal are together, and when Hal is approached with an issue regarding his father…show more content…
When Hal places the responsibility on Falstaff to find soldiers, Falstaff did just that but is also more concentrated on what he can gain from it. Instead of finding valiant and strong soldiers, he finds expendable ones. Falstaff has a will to corrupt but in a way where he wishes to corrupt the normality of the views an audience may have on honor “What is that honour? Air...Doth he feel it? No. Doth he hear it? No. 'Tis insensible, then” (Act V. i). Falstaff is completely harmless, he does not choose a side nor defend his own, he simply does not care. But Falstaff’s apathetic character shows that there may not be a good enough reason for anyone to care about anything, and this may be the lesson he wants Hal to learn before Hal loses himself in brainwashing royal duties. Falstaff is significant because he is the control in an experiment. There are characters who are in the heat of the moment, so driven by justice, fear, or honor; in reality, as Falstaff stands on the side as a mindless participator of this nonsense, he shows that none of it…show more content…
Falstaff is a character who represents the perspective of those who do not have a side or a reason to fight. Falstaff appears as one who does not care about anything, but truly he is mindful because he knows there is nothing worth for him to care about giving him no purpose to develop any class or respect for others. He represents the lifestyle Hal runs away to and stands as friend and father for Hal. Even in their immature adventures or Hal’s moments of greatness, Falstaff has an underlying lesson towards Hal to not forget what or who truly
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