Fame In Rena Korb's The Awakening

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Fame and fortune is not attained in an instance for most people. Even great work doesn’t receive attention immediately. Kate Chopin’s rise to fame came from “The Awakening.” It wasn’t until several years after Chopin’s story, “Désirée's Baby,” received the praise it deserved. Rena Korb’s essay clearly and eloquently gives its audience a brief background on Kate Chopin as well as a detailed analysis of the story’s plot and its characters. Near the end of her essay, Korb shares her personal ideas and thoughts such as the idea that a possible cause for Désirée's suicide may have been the sentiment that she sees herself as a prized possession to the men of whom she belongs. Korb’s essay allows readers to think more critically about Chopin’s meaningful short story.
Not only has Rena Korb written multiple children’s stories but she has been published in several text books as well. Korb has a master’s degree in English literature and creative writing. She is very experienced in her field, she has worked within the educational publishing field for over than ten years and in that time she has had the opportunity to work for several companies such as, Red line editorial, Six Red Marbles, and even
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Korb delivered with clarity, support, and structure. The essay may have been improved if it introduced more obscure and original ideas however, it was not necessary. Overall Rena Korb provided an eloquent critique of "Désirée's Baby." It showed how much thought is put in to the inclusion of each character and element of a short story, they each plays a vital role in the creation of a well-developed short-story. The essay overall increases understanding of the theme and purpose Chopin’s "Désirée's
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