Families In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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They say family is about the ones that love you and where life begins. Some families that are featured in books do not even have that type of family. You have this feeling that some of the relationships are similar and some are different. Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” is about a family that is very different from mine. In this family the parents are separated from their son and the people who are above average are required to wear hideous handicaps. My family, the Hunters, and the fictional family, the Bergeron 's share similarities and differences related to handicaps, communication, and relationships. One of the first areas of comparison between our families involves handicaps. For example, during “Harrison Bergeron”…show more content…
For Example in the story ‘’ Harrison Bergeron ” there relationships are not very close because there Son is separated from them and as you can tell they can’t communicate very well so there relationships are not as good as ours. There relationships could become better if they had their son and their relationships with their son ended when Harrison was taken. The relationships truly ended when George saw Harrison die on television and he did not remember a thing because he intelligence was average and he knows what happens but can’t explain it. My family relationships are very close because we do things that have us bond together and created a good and happy relationships. We also create relationships by playing with each other and taking trips with each other. I try to create a good relationship with my brothers and sisters by trying to fun activities with them and try to take care of them as much as possible. Relationships sometimes can be hard because you can be mad at each other or don 't agree with one other just like Hazel and George in the story “ Harrison Bergeron ” . My family and the family of Harrison Bergeron do share similarities and differences when it comes down to relationships and most of the time it is different because of the fact that everyone had to be average while in our world we can be whatever we want to…show more content…
Relationships in the Bergeron’s family are very narrow because they can barely have relationships because their son is gone and we have good relationships because we have spent time with each other. Harrison Bergeron and my Family share many similarities and differences, but we can all be different and that is how life goes on

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