Families Today And Families 40 Years Ago Essay

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The lifestyle of families today had changed tremendously. There are vast amount of differences between families today and families 40 years ago. Families today are economically stable and able to fulfill their basic needs as well as their children. Now poverty has reduced compare to 40 years ago. Currently these families are in very comfortable circumstances as both of the parents are working for the well being of their family. Meanwhile majority families 40 years ago were getting very low income which made them go through difficulties to obtain sufficient money to fulfill their basic needs and support the family. Most of the families lived in an uncomfortable environment and children were not provided good nutrition for their growth.
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Today family is more drawn to their devices, social networks, and others. In addition, Family today lacks of communication among each other. They tend to alienated themselves from socializing with people around them, 40 years ago, families were more active in face to face interaction and willing to start conversation among the family members, neighbors, friends, people they meet and relatives. For instance, families today barely know their neighbours or communicate with them but families 40 years ago were living with their neighbour as good friends who will help them take care of their children when required and they will do the same for their neighbours. They had better social skills with their surrounding and community.
Parenting styles in families 40 years ago and families today is different. Most of the parents 40 years ago were strict and used authoritarian approach to raise their children. However, parents from families today are having more flexible living styles and most of them not encouraging authoritarian parenting style instead they concentrate on permissive and authoritative approach. Most of the parents from families today don’t encourage the act of hitting the child as punishment and they listen to children opinion as well as their

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