Family And Divorce Mediation

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This video is about Family and Divorce Mediation. The conflict is between Michael and Debbie, who had recently divorced couple. They have two children together, Sarah (5 years old) and Daniel (7 years old). The two (Michael and Debbie) cannot seem to agree on how to handle their children post- divorce. This implies that it is a sort of a custody battle. The mediator is trying to help the two reach an amicable understanding about how much time each parent spends with the two children.
The mediator, in this case, is John M. Haynes. The couple has been referred to him by their counsel. This is an important fact of family law. There is only so much the lawyer can do in terms of custody battles. It is also important to understand the needs and preferences of the couple at hand and consider the case independently of experience and routine. Every other couple has problems unique to the other. Therefore, what worked for one couple may not necessarily work for another.
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Sometimes, especially when the children are still very young as with Michael and Debbie, court proceedings can be stressful and detrimental to the children. Therefore, it is necessary that all other avenues be tried, such that court is the last resort if all else fails. However, in this case, the fact that the couple’s counsel referred them to a mediator already shows that they could not reach an agreement on their own. Therefore, this mediation process needs to be fruitful, because otherwise the only other option would be to go to court, so that rather than negotiate, each party will be given a set of contraventions to
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