Peer Support Research Paper

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Peer Support
Although many times family can provide sufficient support for an individual, familial relationships do not always produce the positive outcomes desired. When these interactions are weak sources of support, it may reduce an individual’s ability to cope with challenges (DuBois,, 2002). In such cases, peer connections may become increasingly important sources of support. Friendship quality has been assumed to have direct effects on many aspects of social development, including self-esteem and social adjustment (Berndt, 2002). For example, peers can affect an individual’s attitudes about school or may encourage substance use. Individuals often strive to fit in with their peers. They often adopt similar beliefs and values to
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There is a growing body of knowledge about Filipino LGBT people that is being shared through the numerous symposia and workshops in different conventions. There is a growing community of LGBT Psychology advocates and alliance with other Filipino Psychologist. The process of social change is shown as it furthers education, builds a community that accepts, and develops alliances. However, this effort cannot be fully achieved if it is not extended in the educational system. Based on recent data, lesbian and gay individuals seek counseling at 5 times the rate (50%) of heterosexual persons (6%–10%; Estrada & Rutter, 2007; Palma & Stanley, 2002 as cited by Zubernis et. al, 2011). It is crucial to start with the students and educate, empower, support and connect them within the school community. According to Correa (2009 p.50) there is a need for programs within the educational system to enhance experiences of LGBT students. This will give them opportunity to feel included to the school and fellow students. This services that foster self-esteem, over-all individual functioning and social skills should be available to all students including LGBT . Thus, it will be easier to achieve social change in the LGBT Psychology in the Philippines.
Since the outcome of this study is a social support group program, the purpose is to
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This literature reviews proposes significant data on how social support can help gay students explore and appreciate themselves. Through both the exploration and examination of their personal stories and self-reflections, this study will shed light on how the research participants of this study created meaning of their lives while attending college. Because of much work in this area in the western studies, it is interesting to know whether the same process is also demonstrated in the local
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