Anthropological Concepts Of Family Essay

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Section D: Examine these readings and reflect on how the authors ' analyses challenge traditional anthropological concepts of the family/ household.
Ayieko distinguishes between a household and a family, maintaining that a family includes people who are related while; a household could be a person or group of people who live and eat together, whether they are related or not (cited in Mogotlane et al, 2012; 34). These are one of the definitions provided by the traditional anthropologist trying to analyze the concepts of households and family. This discussion aims at reflecting on different readings to discuss their challenges with traditional anthropological concepts of the family and households. It will be interesting when analyzing these readings to actually observe if anthropologists take extended families into consideration when providing definitions on these two concepts.
Female-Headed Households
Same as marriage, a family may not permanent or confined to a heterosexual marital relationship. Nuclear family is not the only definition of a household or family, because these words mean different things in different societies. Llyod and Gage-Brandon need an analysis on the
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With these households there might be confusion leading to assumptions that all members are siblings from the same family, however there might be diversity with the household members like; consisting of cousins, friends, and even random people who are misfortune as them. Traditional anthropologist concepts of the family and household don’t seem to cover the households headed by other children, so does that make child-headed households less of a family or a
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