Family And Family In The Outsiders By S. E Hinton

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When you think of family you might think of adults and their children, or kids who lost their parents but are still related to each other. The Outsiders by S.E Hinton tells otherwise. It shows that even if you are not related, you can still be family; you can still have love and affection for each other. In the book, there is a contradiction between the gang’s biological family and their “family”. There is connection shown between the greasers from the Socs in the blue Mustang to Johnny dying in the hospital not wanting to see his mother. Johnny is a member of the gang that is not wanted and cared for by his parents but musters to find a strong bond with the gang and him. The family that cares about you is the most important type of family because they are always there for you and love you. The Outsiders, a realistic fiction book by S.E Hinton, shows the notion that the most important family is the one that appreciates you even though many people say that your biological family can connect more with you. Family is the people with whom you share a strong bond. Before the rumble, Ponyboy realized the difference between his gang and the Socs. The greasers weren’t just a gang; they had a strong connection. The Socs were just a gang; they had no compassion, no love. Dally killed himself because of Johnny’s death but Randy hid his feelings not wanting to show them; his reputation mattered more. “That was the difference between his gang and ours- they had a leader and were
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