Family And Personal Relationship Analysis

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Social scientists have come up with explanation as to how family and personal relationships, personal life is changing. These changes have been departing due to transformation in all sphere i.e. economic -globalization, privatization; demographical aspects – lower level birth rate due to reproduction technological advancement, divorce, cohabitation; socio-culture – education and employment empowerment, individualization. Sociologists have shown great interest in personal life and relationships. Traditionally, sociology is known for family and kin relationships but recently friendships, intimacy, same sex relationships are also become area of research. According to Smart (2007) family life is underlined in the public debate on rise of modern…show more content…
It brought significant changes among students in interpersonal relationship and as well as in communication with family members. They argued that they more prefer to communicate through social network than face to face contact relationship. In the question of trustworthiness, the degree of trust is moderate (Manjunatha 2013). A study by Policarpo (2015) on Portugal society shows good friend meant help support but in intimate friendship trust are major rules of friendship. Interestingly respondents replied an intimate friend is husband/wife, children simply family. On the hand, some couples are practicing intimate relationships outside institutional ties (marriage) because they enjoy equal power, happiness and flexibility. Hence, it suggests a two folded interpretation: some respondents believe on institutional ties or some not. It might be argued physical or sexual contact as a component of intimacy friendship. Other interesting findings also suggest reciprocity and altruistic nature of friendship in modernity, embedded helping, loving and caring each other. Compare to younger older people become more depended in terms of instrumental, financial and emotional support. Adams and Rosemary (1995) argued that friends are more important to psychological and socially well of older adults than family members. Another qualitative study shows that friendship is taking place between men and women because of attraction. The attraction may develop on basis of physical/sexual attraction. Samples also say that there was no attraction among friends, only they are friends. Some respondents said romantic relation occurred when friendship turns into romantic relationship rather sexual relation. In the subject of changes in attraction, some participants told that consistently felt romantic, physically or sexually attraction
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