Family And Religion In The Movie: Honor Thy Father

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This analysis shows how the movie Honor Thy Father portrays a family that follows and at the same time deviates from a stereotypical Filipino family. It does not follow the usual gender roles and the predictable plot common in Philippine films. The film also shows the willingness of a person and to what extent he or she is willing to exceed in order to save and protect their families. Furthermore, the representation of religion is also discussed in this paper and how it affected the actions and decisions that the characters made in the movie. This film is socially relevant and perfectly exemplifies the importance of family and religion in different communities. Instead of focusing only on what happened in the movie, this paper is able to explain why the characters act the way they do. On one side, the members of the family presented, follow their usual roles and relationships that can be found within a family. The movie alters some of the stereotypes but still focuses on the importance of a family. It can be seen that Edgar did everything he can to save Kaye and Angel; at the same time, his siblings were also willing to help him in any way they can. Another side to explain the characters’ actions is religion. Religion is portrayed as a mask in the film to hide people’s true identities. When faced with losing their investments, Kaye’s investors became greedy and merciless unlike how they were portrayed earlier in the film. Religion was also depicted to be the complete
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