Family Artifact Research Paper

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Artifact #1: What’s My Sentence, Name Card and Self Image My first artifact is my beginning of the year self projects. These were little assignments that helped myself and the class figure out out who I was, who I am and who I will be. One project we did was our Self Image. This was a paper where I had to ask my family and friends who they think I am, and then reflect on what they said about me. This helped me understand who I am in the eye of others. My second project was the Name Card. We had to find words that we would describe ourselves with, using the letters of our name. This helped me realize who I really think I am. Lastly, we did the What’s My Sentence sentence strip. This is a strip of paper that read a sentence that we hoped people will think about us after we were gone. This set the stage for who I…show more content…
My success is mostly based from my family. They are the ones that make me strive to be better every single day, and that is probably why I like to talk and write about them a lot. The Writing Collection we did was a bunch of flash draft essays we wrote about events that have changed us or our view on life. Out of all of my flash drafts, the one that was by far the best and most meaningful was the essay I wrote about my family, called “Is Family Really Forever?”. It always amazed me how I could write so much about my family, and that’s when my realization of success with my family hit me. If I’m ever stuck on what to write about, I think of my family. If I ever need help with any of my homework, I will go to my family. This applies outside of academics too. If I ever need someone to rely on, it will always be my family. Out of all the flash drafts I wrote I chose this one, and that is an obvious giveaway on where my success is based. It will always be my family pushing me through life and it will always be my family who helped create my success in the first
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