Family Attachment Theory Essay

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This research has demonstrated that attachment are found throughout societies, although behaviours are understood differently, it is in any society where disorganised behaviours are seen as a concern (Watson 2005, p. 208). In family therapy practice, descriptions of family organisation style are consistent with findings of attachment organisation. Therefore, practitioners have a base understanding of what behaviours are identified between family members, and can appropriately intervene in order to meet the needs of the child and family members involved (Norwood & Page 2007, p. 44).
Secondly, attachment theory places priority on the importance of interpersonal relationships in an individual’s life (Watson 2005, p. 208). Individuals form various
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128). In family therapy practice, attachment theory provides clear explanations to the therapist, and provide understanding on behaviours that are otherwise confusing. If a child is seen as angry and demanding around parents, it can be seen as intentionally bad. However, from a different perspective, this could be seen as a type of insecure attachment. Giving the worker the opportunity to explore with the caregivers and the bond between them. This can result in a more in-depth understanding, and the appropriate intervention.
However, there are limitations to attachment theory such as the traditional gendered application, the focus on the family system, and the limited consideration about the person’s wider environment.
Firstly, there is the possibility of the misapplication of attachment theory, this is due to the ability to place blame on the mother. This can enforce a mother’s feelings of inadequacy, and increase feelings of low self-esteem as a mother is solely held as responsible for the wellbeing of the child. It fails to recognise the influence by a father or the secondary caregiver, and how this impacts on the mother and child
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