Family Business Case Study: Johnson And Johnson

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Case study Johnson and Johnson
Johnson and Johnson are founded as a family business in 1886 by Brothers Robert, James and Edward Johnson. Nowadays, the chairman of Johnson and Johnson is Alex Gorsky (Gorsky). The first business operated is located at New Brunswick, New Jersey. J&J was started when Brothers Robert, James, and Edward Johnson realize that the physicians’ need to improve and more concern about the hygiene in the medical practices. In 1940s, J&J expanded their medical and pharmaceutical products to the Latin America, South America, and European countries. During 1944, J&J became a publicly listed company. The following decades, J&J broadened its product to the Africa, Latin America, and Asia, while following its success strategy in Europe. Johnson & Johnson has strengthened Switzerland as one of its business locations. Since 1991, the number of production and development businesses in Neuchâtel have together formed a centre of excellence for the company’s Medical division, with 1,000 employees working on the applications areas such as neurosurgery, sports medicine and orthopaedics. Since 2003, the Johnson & Johnson portfolio in Switzerland has also comprised the innovative implant technology of the company DePuy. The J&J operations are divided into three business segments, which is pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics and consumer goods. J&J 's pharmaceutical products consist of drugs for family planning, mental illness, nervous

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