Family Caregiver Burnout

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Nowadays, lots of people can understand the difficulty of patients because sickness make people afflictive. However seldom people can understand the difficulty of caregivers. Actually, caregiver is a tough job because they not only need to look after the sickness, but also need to cover the mental and physical pressure. Luckily, more and more people concentrate on the situation of caregivers. To begin with, the difficulty of caregivers describes vividly in Ten Letters. As Eli Saslow wrote in Ten Letters(2011), when Natoma caught carcinoma, her older sister Connie shoulder the responsibility to care her. What’difficult for Connie is that she suffers from mental pressure. She misses her husband and her life before and is afraid to kill her little…show more content…
From the article of Recognizing Caregiver Burnout (2014) by Melinda Ratini, “burnout” is a common situation for family caregivers, which means symptoms of stress and depression. If caregivers have a negative condition, how can people believe they can take care of patients? To solve this handful problem, Large numbers of experts gives advises to caregivers. From Family Caregiver Alliance summarized in Taking Care of You: Self-Care for Family Caregivers(2012), caregivers should keep a relaxed mood at first. And then, caregivers should keep a healthy body, to store enough energy to look after others. Only by doing these, can caregivers form a virtuous circle, which is beneficial for both patients and caregivers. Moreover, another problem about caregivers is lacking of professional knowledge, which is also pointed out by Eli Saslow. As Eli Saslow described in Ten Letters (2011), Connie is not a professional caregiver. Because lack of knowledge of carcinoma, Connie need to remember lots of things new and write down every detailed things like which doctor or nurse to contact when Natoma has a different situation. If Connie have enough knowledge, she will not worried about whether she will kill her sister indirectly by her careless
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