Family Caregivers

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A concurrent trend is that health care tasks are being performed more frequently at the home with the assistance of caregivers who could be professionals or family members. It is a great responsibility since seniors are fragile and in need for help physically and cognitively to support the normal daily living. Mobile health technologies such as applications and home support systems have been growing rapidly to improve collaboration and monitoring of seniors when living their lives normally and independently. However, ~cite{prasad2012understanding} revealed interesting findings with the willingness of seniors to share private health information and what captured from such technologies to caregivers. It has been clear that the sharing behavior…show more content…
Providing help and reducing he stress caregivers face when voluntary taking care of the elderly has been a challenge for many years. The impact of an intervention on the health and well being of family caregivers is hard to evaluate and assess. The involvement of family in thecae provided top the elderly is crucial, but they tend to assist with daily activities in addition to medical and nursing tasks. they also are less likely is receive an extra hand of help from other family and friends around or even professional caregivers. ~cite{tixier2015looking} discusses five key aspects of an collaborative information sharing platform that will help lower the burden of caregivers. This paper investigates and evaluate the social support models in a care system known as Regema. Regema is a health care network coordinated by a psychologist in aim of reducing the burden felt by family caregivers. It offers training sessions for caregivers to get further insight into the different situation they can be faced with as well as opportunity for meeting peel who have gone through the same kind of situation in their caregiving roles. Furthermore, it provides support groups to share experiences and discuss problems as well as offering care facilities. Caregivers often undergo alleviated levels of stress and burden due to the feeling of loneliness and being responsible for an elderly. The Paper lists several factors that should be integrated on the development of an online social support platform to lower the burden. Those factors are discussed below in Design Implications
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