Family Case Study: De La Vega Family

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My Family Case Study will address the current financial struggle the “De La Vega” family is currently facing as a result of the husband’s recent deportation back to Mexico. I will present the family, their history and the challenging stress factors they are facing as a result of loosing their primary income. Mr. De La Vega is a 36 year old textile worker in downtown Los Angeles. He along with his wife of 10 years left Mexico 4 years ago in search of a better life. A few months after their arrival, they found out that Mrs. De La Vega was expecting. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is now 4 years old and attending a local preschool a few blocks away from their home. They also have a 2 year old daughter that stays home with mom. Mrs. De La Vega is a stay at home wife and is the primary caregiver of the children. Mrs. De La Vega and her neighbor Mrs. Ochoa are good friends an on a few occasions Mrs. Ochoa watches over the children when Mrs. De La Vega has to run errands. The family lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in South Los Angeles. The neighborhood they live in is not very safe. As a result the children are not allowed to play outside for long periods of time. The only time they get outside play is on the weekends when dad is home and…show more content…
De La Vega learned about Children Home Society a program that provides subsidized child care for low income parents. Through the program Mrs. De La Vega was able to receive free child care for both of her children. As a result she was able to pick up more hours at the restaurant and she no longer worries about who will be picking up her children. Mrs. De La Vega is currently working on saving as much money as possible since she will soon be relocating her entire family back to Mexico. She wants to reunite her family again. Mr. De La Vega is currently working in Mexico and speaks to the children daily over the phone the children look forward to the daily phone calls and cant wait to see their dad
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