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Children presenting to the emergency department with abdominal pain followed by the appendicitis is the most frequent surgical etiology, especially in young children with perforating appendicitis, and a matter of great prominence. (Michael Boettcher, 2017).Firstly, this essay will elucidate the pathophysiology of the medical condition of Anne, who is a 10 year old girl and admitted to the emergency department with right iliac fossa pain, on examination appendicitis is suspected and the surgical team found a gangrenous perforated appendix with peritonitis. Secondly, it will deliberate the nurse’s role to deliver developmentally appropriate nursing care in relation to the growth and developmental theories, followed by the family centered care…show more content…
The best results of family-centered care include the dignity and respect towards their beliefs and values as families become in various shapes, size, colors, and generations, sharing information by using verbal and non-verbal techniques where possible, respect the family diversity. Moreover, an involvement of patient and family in care and decision making followed by the collaboration among healthcare team, patient, and family, leads to the family center care model. Also crucial to assess family and establish a therapeutic relationship with family to ensure support, compliance and therapeutic change. (STRAIN, 2016). Thus, family-centered care plays a key role in the recovery and treatment process in the pediatric nursing care consistent with this evidence. So to deliver the developmentally appropriate nursing care nurses has to consider the family coping abilities, social-cultural environment, family beliefs and values along with their background, involvement in treatment and recovery process, and the stress of the child and family during the child hospitalization. Also, it’s important to inform the parents about the progress and condition of child and discharge plan so they can provide support to the other family members and siblings and can retain back to their work or business, like Anne’s parents have their own Indian restaurant, as per the…show more content…
The major stressors of hospitalization include loss of control, pain, separation from family, friends, and siblings. The disaster of children hospitalization affects every member of the family. To reduce the potential effects of hospitalization both children and family require individualized care. So, to deliver the developmentally appropriate nursing care and family-centered care nurses support needed, which encompasses accepting cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic values. For example, health and illness are well-defined by various ethnic groups. Although parents are not aware of the effects that siblings experience during their brother or sister’s hospitalization and which can be minimized by simple interventions, for example, open explanations about the illness and provision for the siblings. Sibling visitation is usually beneficial to the patient, sibling, and parent but should be evaluated on an individual basis. Siblings should be prepared for the visit with developmentally appropriate information and be given the opportunity to ask questions. Also, children can share their feelings with their siblings more frequently which can help the nurses to manage their pain and treatment as well. (McElfresh, 2017). Hence, hospitalization of child is traumatic experience for parents, as the evidence suggests, family-centered care and the nurse’s support to the

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