My Family

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Home Me, my brother and my parents have only moved once. My first home was an enormous 3 floor house in Lauro de Freitas, there I lived for the first 10 years of my life. I loved living there but we had to move because school and work were too far away from home. We went from living in a large but insignificant house in a small city to living in a 37-floor building in a 6 building condominium in Horto Florestal in the city of Salvador, we became more insignificant than a fish in the middle of the ocean. Even though I miss my old house, I am sure this one will be just as memorable. My Brother When I was in Kindergarten my life changed, I became an older sister and I got to make one of the first important decisions of my life, something that would stick with me and with…show more content…
I know I can always trust them with my secrets and I know they will always be there for me but sometimes having a big family can be as stressful as losing your iphone. When two of us disagree everyone feels like they have to take a side and suddenly our family gets split into two pieces. Time is also a huge problem. Whenever we have family events if one of us is late everyone else has to wait. Christmas is a fantabulous example of a family moment. It is the time were we all get together, 100 people squished in a teeny tiny apartment because no one else ever wants to go through the “ trouble” of hosting christmas. Swapping gifts with my family is hands down my favorite moment out of the whole entire year and the one I look forward too the most but when I feel like the moment has finally arrived there is always a forever long wait, someone is always extremely late. This makes me want to go nuts but once that person finally arrives and we get to exchange gifts and so it seems like nothing else matters, like all the stress magically went away because we may fight but at the end of the day all that matters is that we all love each other above all
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