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Over the past 50 years, family life has seen a large rise in the number of divorces, more cohabitation as opposed to marriage and more blended families. Consequently, the past 50 years have also witnessed a rise in the number of children born out of wedlock. I have chosen to use USA to situate my discussion within this specific context.
There are many reasons why the concept and meaning of family have changed so much over the years. To start, life expectancy is much longer. Effective and safe birth control has made it possible for a woman to control how many children she has, and more and more women have entered the work force instead of opting to stay home and take care of the family.
Another reason why families have changed so much is the
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First and foremost, parents have a great responsibility when it comes to providing care and support to their children. Without love has a child little chance to develop normally, both in social and academic work. Parents are also strong norm transmitters, in the sense that they are role models as well as mother and father. Children tend to imitate their parents and identify with them, therefore it is crucial that parents are good role models. The values parents are for continued often to the children, that is the parents (standard transmitters) strength very strong. We can say that parents' main task is raising their children. Here comes the doctrine of common decency and civility in. This forms an important part of upbringing in addition to activating the kids. For many families it is important that children are active and interested to prevent…show more content…
The members look less to each other than before and family life has become busier. Children spend more time in the secondary group (youth clubs) in the community, and expose more and more impersonal socialization through the media (TV, computer, etc.) Technological advances have eased the family's home situation and gender equality was a step in the right direction for family life. It is quite clear that the family has followed and follows the development of society and shaped by it. Meanwhile, some things will always be the way they have been. Solidarity and care for each other is still very important for most families and it is mostly in the home the primary socialization takes place. Although it produced that all families sitting in the middle of "time squeeze", it is not everyone who experiences it. It would be dangerous to generalize too much, every family is different and has its unique lifestyle. And that is okey.

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