The Role Of Families In Today's Modern Society

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This essay will discuss the concept of how families changed from twenty years ago to today’s modern society. Two case studies will be discussed, The Awakening by Kate Chopin and New Additions by J. A Armstrong. Gender Roles will also be discussed as well homosexual marriages and adoptions.
How families have changed overtime
Families have changed so much in the past two decades in itself. It was common for people to refer to families as ‘normal’ but it has been explained that ‘normal’ carries various different meanings, such as being typical, average or ideal. (F. Walsh, 2003:5). Meaning that the term normal could mean what is normal and ideal in your own family, whether your parents are the same- sex or have a single parent or
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Walsh, 2002:12). There seems to be no real idea or tradition for the family. In the book New Additions, Armstrong describes the influence of politics and lesbian marriage in an American society ( The married couple soon takes in two kids clearly eradicating the previous notions of what a traditional family ought to be.
Research suggests that with homosexual couples, childcare is relatively evenly spread and couples tend to be happier in their relationships. This is contrary to the book New Additions because it is clearly depicted that Candace, one of the lead characters, is too busy with her political campaign to take on her personal responsibilities such as taking care of the two kids, who is then in turn looked after by Jameson her partner.
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One shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the traditional family was at the peak of happiness; traditional families had their own problems too. Previously women were severely oppressed and were expected to do things in the correct fashion. The simple act of being able to vote was not permitted. Women had no say in their lives. However on the other hand homosexual marriages or adoption has difficulty as well. “A parent’s minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity status may be brought up in custody disputes as a reason to restrict or deny custody by the children’s other parent and/or by the courts” ( So it appears that homosexual couples deal with many prejudices when it comes to the adopting of children. It’s become more apparent that homosexual couples are more probable to receive emotional support from friends or partners. This is clearly depicted in the book New Additions. Where Candace, the senator, and her wife receive a lot of attention and help with the raising of the two kids ( As explained before that it could be difficult for the kids and the homosexual adoptive parents especially in the case in the book, New Additions, where the parents are in the public eye, which would automatically emit the spotlight onto their
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