Family Changes In Today's Modern Society

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This essay will discuss the concept of how families changed from twenty years ago to today’s modern society. Two case studies will be discussed, The Awakening by Kate Chopin and New Additions by J. A Armstrong. Gender Roles will also be discussed as well homosexual marriages and adoptions.
How families have changed overtime
Families have changed so much in the past two decades in itself. It was common for people to refer to families as ‘normal’ but it has been explained that ‘normal’ carries various different meanings, such as being typical, average or ideal. (F. Walsh, 2003:5). Meaning that the term normal could mean what is normal and ideal in your own family, whether your parents are the same- sex or have a single parent or you are adopted. In the industrial era it was common for a household to have a two-parent family unit, with the male being the breadwinner and the female being the full time homemaker, who dedicated herself to the household running, raising the children and elder care, (F. Walsh, 2003: 11) The novel, The Awakening supports this image of the traditional nuclear family. Edna Pontellier, the protagonist portrays the very typical and traditional house mother and wife. She’s a stay at home mom, doing the usual and expected household chores and tending to her two sons (A. Beckford, 2013).
Modern Families
In today’s society a family comprises of different and ever changing types of families, such as mothers and wives who works; two-earner
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