Reflection Paper About Family Communication

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What interests or excites you most about the topic of family communication; why did you choose to study this topic? I am excited to learn more about the topic of family communication and I believe that this topic will not only help me in my career but also in the “real world.” One thing that interests me about family communication is how there is not exactly a set definition of what a family is and no family is the same, yet there are many terms that can be used to describe and understand how a family works. One of the main reasons I am taking this class is to earn a minor in family studies. Though this class is a requirement for a family studies minor, I knew I could benefit much more from taking this class. I would like to apply the knowledge…show more content…
First, I would like to gain much more knowledge on how a family works. Second, I want to be able to understand the information I am learning in class and be able to apply it to other situations and classes. Lastly, I hope to be a good listener, supporter, and tool for my other classmates. One of my main goals for this class is to gain new knowledge and to develop a true understanding of it so I can earn good grades and perform to the best of my ability.
How will you take responsibility for your own learning in our class this semester?
I believe that to truly succeed in a class you have to be responsible for both your failures and success. However, to prevent failure I will take more responsibility for my own learning in this class because this information will be new to me. I will do this by reading the book and taking thorough notes over important information. Along with that, I will engage with my peers and the class more than normal to create a good learning environment for myself and hopefully my peers. If I need help with anything I will not be afraid to ask and I also hope to be able to help others along the way.
What do you think are the most important concepts we’ve discussed this first
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Recently, we read a chapter about families and intimate relationships. This chapter discussed marriage patterns, the types of families, issues with establishing relationships and families, and family violence. The reading from this class has helped me understand the statistics given in my sociology class. Marriage rates are declining, divorce rates are increasing, and poverty rates in children are increasing. With the knowledge of how a family works and society as a whole, we can help prevent these unfortunate truths. Another class I can relate this information to is my criminal justice class. I say this because to prevent families and children from creating or being in the criminal justice system we have to understand how they function. Being able to solve problems and finding a new method for each individual is a key part of preventing issues, such as
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