Work Family Balance Essay

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WLB metaphor is a social construct located within a particular period of time and originating in the western context. Research in this domain emerged at a time when the number of women entering the labor market grew and resulted in a focus on working mothers and dual earner families. Also, the stress and burnout associated with workplace changes in the 1980s and 1990s reflected debate around "work family conflict" (Lewis, Gambles & Rapaport 2007).
Research assessing work–family/life balance has grown significantly over the past three decades. Within organisational behaviour research work–family balance was initially included as a component of occupational stress theories, due primarily to the recognition that psychological health at work could be influenced by non-work, personal demands (Cooper & Marshall, 1976; O’Driscoll, 1996). Since then, however, the investigation of work–family balance has become a driving force in itself, producing a virtual ‘explosion’ in research in recent years.
Due to highly competitive global environment, people are feeling the heat of fulfilling work commitment on one hand and family responsibilities on the other.Thus, Work family balance has emerged as an important issue at work place. Research suggests that a conflict between family and work negatively affects quality of
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Correlation and multiple regression analyses were used to provide results. The findings showed that out of the three subscales of burnout emotional exhaustion and depersonalization sores were higher as compared to personal accomplishment scores. Also strong relationship was detected between burnout and psychosomatic symptoms. Burnout particularly emotional exhaustion was related to job dissatisfaction. The results drew the attention towards improvement of psychosocial work environment to influence the practice of health

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