Family Conflict In Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is arguably the most famous classical plays of all time. It is the story of two young lovers who are separated by family conflict. Juliet comes from the Capulet family, which are rivals with the Montague family. Her admirer, Romeo, comes from the Montague family. The story is established between the lives of these two lovers who both desire to shed their family titles in order to marry each other. The story explores different themes, which are prevalent within the current society. These themes include love, age, death, identity, gender, revenge, and marriage. The themes provide relevant knowledge that is beneficial to individuals within the modern society. The two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, have a passionate and irrational love. They act selflessly towards one another regardless of the people around them. They decide to marry each other secretly at the chapel. In the modern society, some people portray such irrational feelings. This kind of love might be destructive. The youths might make wrong decisions due to perceived feelings that might result to damaging repercussions. In the play, the decision to marry each other secretly was perilous since it influenced Romeo to kill Paris at the end. He also committed suicide when he realized that Juliet was dead. In the modern society, different individuals might commit offences with the intent of protecting their loved ones. It is impeccable that one does not become irrational when making
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