The Importance Of Conflict In A Family

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Family conflict is not something that I would say I am used to. I never fought with my sister like normal siblings do. I don’t really get into arguments with my parents or other family members. We generally enjoy our time together and conflicts don’t occur that often. However, there has been a recent tragedy on my mom’s side of the family that has created some significant conflicts. This has not necessarily affected me personally, but it has had an effect on my mom and her five siblings. Her siblings are scattered throughout Ohio while one of her brother’s live in Florida with his wife and two kids. Each of her siblings live different lives and are very different from one another. She stays in contact with all of them and they all have a very…show more content…
It was obvious that mother and her twin sister Jeanine should take the role because their schedules were the most available and they could drop anything at any moment to be somewhere. Upon this decision, they all decided to put him on the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) List. He was old and in horrible condition at the time so this was obviously the best decision for him to pass peacefully. My Uncle Jeremy, who lived in Florida, completely disagreed. He felt that they should do whatever is necessary for him to live. Also, Jeremy felt the need to make decisions himself because he lived with his parents until he was in his late 20s and he knew what was best for him. All the other siblings ignored his demands because he was very similar to his father in the fact that he gets very emotional and heated in times of tension. Plus, the only reason he lived with his parents was because he ended up in and out of jail for an extended period of time. He finally received an out during Hurricane Katrina where he saw an opportunity to move to New Orleans and help with the reconstruction of the city. This served as a turning point in his life. He is a Job Superintendent for a large Construction Company and does very well for himself
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