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When family life interferes with work demands The second type of work family conflict is when the family life and its situations are brought in the work activities that start affecting work performance of individual at workplace. This interference also leads to the strong disturbance. Absent on meeting or can be late, not fulfillment of the commitments in time, the late projects, high salary demands, not completing assignment in time etc ,in short all these factors disturb the physical and mental performance. It is also called Family–work conflict (FWC) is also a type of inter-role conflict in which family and work responsibilities are not compatible. FWC is more likely to exert its negative influences in the home domain, resulting in lower life satisfaction and greater internal conflict within the family unit and related to attitudes about the job or workplace. (K.Sooriya 2010)
The Predicament: An Imbalance Between Rising Work Hours and Family As Reich (2001) pointed
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56). It is assumed that anything at work will create some kind of conflict at home. All three theories revolve around work aspects that can psychologically influence a worker to experience work-family conflict at home, but the spillover theory, as well as the conflict theory also brings out the issue of physical aspects of work that can cause conflict, such as having to bring incomplete work assignments home to the family to get them done. Role theory is mostly about how resources at work can psychologically influence the worker to exhibit negative emotions or attitude at home. The conflict theory on its own is a more extreme version of how resources from work can psychologically and literally cause the worker to

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