Family Contributions In The Family

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background for Choosing the Study In this developing era, legacy is a common thing in human relationship. It has become problems and issues that appear in human life after the death of father as a head of a family. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th edition (Wehmeir, 2005, 877): “Legacy is money or property that is given to you by somebody when they die.” Based on that statement, legacy is money or property that is received by a heir after the death of the owner. The word “somebody” above is someone who has the legacy, for example a father in a family. After his death, the heir will inherit his father’s legacy. In addition, the heirs who will legally receive legacy are the oldest son, brother, nephew, and family relative. (Jamoussi, 2011, 2) Meanwhile, the legacy should have law force. When the father or head of the family died, he left his entire legacy. If the law of legacy does not exist, it will be a conflict in their family, as like bluff, swearing, slander, discord, etc. Jamousi (2011) in “Primogeniture and Entail in England: A survey of their history and representation in literature” stated that the problem of legacy disturbs emotional and social relationships within the family. It will cause problems in the family because the law of inheritance is given to a sole heir. People who live in this world are destined to die. When someone dies, he will leave the legacy.
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