Primogeniture And Multigeniture

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A. Background for Choosing the Study
In this developing era, legacy is a common thing in human relationship. It has become problems and issues that appear in human life after the death of father as a head of a family. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th edition (Wehmeir, 2005, 877): “Legacy is money or property that is given to you by somebody when they die.” Based on that statement, legacy is money or property that is received by a heir after the death of the owner. The word “somebody” above is someone who has the legacy, for example a father in a family. After his death, the heir will inherit his father’s legacy. In addition, the heirs who will
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Partibility (where the land is divided among the children) usually accompanies multigeniture, whereas impartibility (keeping the land as a single piece) accompanies primogeniture. The common law regarding the intergenerational transfer of wealth in most of feudal England was primogeniture.
The statement above shows that the law of inheritance is divided into two laws: primogeniture and multigeniture, both of them are different in their system. The system in primogeniture aligned to the eldest son who inherits the legacy. While in multigeniture, this system divides the legacy among all children, including another son and daughter. The primogeniture emerged by the government around the 13th century in England and Europe becomes a law among the noblemen, and it has been outlawed by the authority among 19th century. (Bertocchi, 2006,
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Collins, Mr. Bingley, and Mr. Darcy, who get the legacy from the system of primogeniture in England. Those characters also show about the archetypes as the effect of the primogeniture system. This novel portrays men in patriarchy environment in which they control system in their family. This study will use Carl G. Jung’s theory in analyzing men’s archetype. Because of some reasons above, the archetypes of Jung and the influence of primogeniture system merge in this study. Hence, this study is entitled Men’s Archetype as the Effect of Primogeniture system in Pride and Prejudice by Jane
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