Family Controversy: The War Of The Roses

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Many of the most monumental wars in history were noble and vigorous fights, but the War of the Roses was unlike any other war the world had seen. Family feud was the forefront of the controversy as the Royal House of Plantagenet, The Yorks (white roses) and the Lancastrians (red roses), fought bloody battles in order to gain power to the English throne. This war would for-tale what family would be holding full authority of the kingdom of England. Edward III was crowned King when he was only 14 years old in 1330. King Edward made important contributions to the English empire creating the Duchy of Cornwall which provided the heir to the throne with independent income. As England began to prosper the historic plague “Black Death” began to kill…show more content…
He entered the throne during one of the most crucial and hostile times in its nations history. This caused major problems with his childhood upbringing affected him in more ways than one. As Joan of Arc began to make plans to restore France by driving the English out, the English had to figure out a way to remain powerful. Before they could take any initiative, in 1450 the 100 years war was over and all the English had left was Calais. This was where King Henry’s problems began. He began to build schools and universities in 1453, and this was at the same time in which he was diagnosed with a mental illness. The Yorks and the Lancastrians were on the verge of beginning the War of the Roses with the first major battle, “First Major Albans” in 1455. This began a string of bloody battles between the families. In 1461, Edward defeated the Lancastrians in the Battle of Towton as Yorkist forces entered London. Henry and the queen retreated to Scotland but were captured and imprisoned in the towers of…show more content…
It is important to study and understand English history in order to fully grasp Shaespeare’s plays for many reasons. The English monarchs were perfect people for Shakespeare to mirror within his writing. Shakespeare’s best work is surrounded by family drama and dilemma. Shakespeare perfectly depicts love, revenge, hate, and violence throughout his plays in a way that someone who had not lived through such a time in history could. The historical symbolism within Shakespeare’s plays set him apart from any writer. The script was given to him through daily life, and his ability to mold it into fictional art is what makes Shakespeare the creator of fictional man. His confusing and conflict filled plays like twelfth night ressemble the back and forth change of monarchs, marriage, and trickery during the early years and how conflict can consume a person and spin them into insanity like Henry VI. Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn saying, “Mine own sweetheart, these shall be to advertise you of the great loneliness that I find here since your departing, for I ensure you methinketh the time longer since your departing now last than I was wont to do a whole fortnight”(Henry VIII). This letter mirrors the words of lovers within any of Shakespeare’s work. These historical events paved a way in which Shakespeare would mirror his characters and themes. It is immensely important to have a historical understanding of the english monarchs and the War of the Roses for these
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