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The courts have many different functions, such as resolving disputes, reviewing and passing laws, as well as decision making. In this paper I will be arguing the points of why family courts should be the last thought when going through a divorce involving children and their psychological well-being in the stages of a child to an adult. Family Court, just like any other court has the job of figuring out whether a breach of legal right has taken place and what verdict would be right for the situation. The process of going to a family court is very time consuming and requires a great deal of money. This process of going to court for when it comes to addressing the fallout from the breakdown of a spousal relationship is not only hard
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This is for the sole purpose of having children involved. Most couples go through the process of mediation. Mediation is when a mediator gets involved to help solve disputes by coming to an agreement that is focused on the best interest of the couple and their children . This may happen to be the best way to deal with the breakdown of a spousal relationship. However, this is not the solution to every case. When couples decide to get a divorce the first thought in their minds, most of the time is their children and how it will affect them, emotionally. Having younger children causes more of a struggle to understand why there could be more tension between their parents. Family courts can go on for months, and usually have three outcomes rarely, a trial is held; one, or both parties withdraw from the case because they financially or emotionally give up, and both parties have negotiated a solution for the dispute and the court will make its final terms of their agreement1. While these legal outcomes play a role between parents, their children are getting older and developing day by day being deprived of basic attention and come to the conclusion that they are the reason for the divorce as they are being neglected. Not being there for your child in his/her early stages of development can create mental health and behavioral changes. For example, one of the most influential psychological theorist, Erik Erikson had come up with the theory of personality development. It consists of eight stages of development starting with infancy and ending with late adulthood. Focusing on the second stage of autonomy versus shame and doubt; it is believed that the importance of the caregivers is seen and that they should provide guided opportunity for a child to explore their world, which then a sense of autonomy is developed where the psychological strength of self-control and willpower is gained . This shows that without the

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