Family During Resuscitation Essay

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Despite extensive research and evidence demonstrating benefits to having family at the bedside during resuscitation efforts, many practitioners don’t practice this. Several reasons have been researched and stated for why this concept of allowing the family to the bedside isn’t always performed which include: the added stress on the health team because of the presence of family, potential and/or actual disruption from family members, and it removes a team member from the resuscitation efforts. Whenever someone is monitoring or watching, there is an added element of stress placed on those performing a task. Some healthcare workers worry that the extra stress from family standing and watching the resuscitation efforts could cause the healthcare…show more content…
American Heart Association states that when possible, the family should be present. However, if the presence of family members is causing undue stress to staff or if they are considered disruptive or hindering the efforts of the team, they should be respectfully removed. The final reason that can be argued about the why family should not be present during resuscitation efforts would be the fact that it removes a nurse or team member from his or her job. Obviously, someone needs to stand with the family present and explain what is going on and give emotional support during the traumatic process. Most units are understaffed as it is, but when someone codes in a hospital, several members of the healthcare team are pulled from the unit and converge on the room where the resuscitation is taking place further depleting the unit’s available resources. While it may be necessary for the family to be present, it would remove one more nurse or healthcare member from the resuscitation or from the unit that is already strained as
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