Family Education In China

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The Chinese family education is a serious problem in China because that causes too many pressure to the most of Chinese children, and to make them being a man who does not like talking with somebody. There are many Chinese parents who would like to use violence to educate their children, and forcing them to study everything without any consideration. All of Chinese parents want their children to be the best in the world, and their children have to accept this kind of expectation everyday that they must stand those pain given by the parents. This kind of phenomenon need to be changed Chinese family education does show many extreme sides to a lot of children. Recently, there are many problems about the education, especially the family…show more content…
Of course not. According to a research, the main purpose of the China family education is to let those children to be a completely different person who has huge filial piety that those children would show their loyal action to their dear parents.The truth is that Chinese parents’ family violence always build some excellent children,but those children usually has a heart of cowardice that they cannot handle some thing very well, even messing those affairs. According to a professional information, “ According to a meta-analysis of 47 studies, the prevalence of physical child abuse in China was found to be 36.6 percent, which is “significantly higher than either the international or the Asian estimate.” Not only this, but child abuse is commonly associated with filial piety, as in the expression bang xia chu xiaozi, or ‘filial sons from cudgels come.’ Spare the rod and spoil the child, in other words. Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, professor of counseling at San Francisco State University, writes, ‘Filial piety includes certain moral principles that are conducive to child abuse,’”(David. )This citation clearly shows that the most of parents would like to use different tools to educate their own children, but that’s not enough to make the children being better. Because getting a good trait about the filial piety is the final purpose of Chinese parents. A great trait is always building a perfect man. This theory…show more content…
Actually, this kind of trait has some bad results. The Chinese has a common thought, “the idea that children are parents’ property,” this tradition idea is easy to see in China(David. ). It seems like that Chinese children loses their freedom. A “property” is not their real status. But in China , this kind set is very common. The filial piety let these children to be very loyal to their parents, even listening any orders given by the parents. There are some bad result produced from “ property” in David’s article, “ severe beatings, infanticide, child slavery, the selling of young girls as prostitutes, child betrothal, and foot-binding,”(David) these facts does show a horrible side of the filial piety, but this kind period has already past. Despite it past, there are still some same phenomenons appear in China. Using extreme violence is a repeat topic, but it does show those old things form the filial piety. Forcing their children is equal to the “child slavery” and the “foot -binding”. All of these things are not very enough for those Chinese parents. Every order said by parents are Chinese children duty. But sometimes, too many orders are not actually acceptable to their children, and increasing infinite pressure to them, so that they would lose their confidence and doing some terrible things in order to run away from those accumulated orders. Even sometimes, these children would bring this king state

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