Sociology Of Family Essay

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A family means unit where the two parents live biological with their children for their care. Parents have sexual relationship.
Family is a group of people who live together share their love, care work under a one roof. Family consist on parents with children .(ownself)
The national average for marriage breakdown in Ireland is estimated to be at 13%, and this rate increases to almost 20% in cities such as Dublin and Limerick (Iona Institute, 2007). Moreover, cohabitation has risen six fold over the past decade, from 31,298 people in 1996 to 189,240 in 2006, making it the fastest-growing family unit (Iona Institute, 2007). While married couples accounted for 80% of family units in 1996, this has since fallen to 70% in 2006
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Research shows that people who are not happy to stay more together, they are not willing to spend their life with each other, they looking for divorce. Specially women are firstly taking step for ending the relationship. In the last century woman is more likely to be maintain this relationship as a mother and wife, she sacrifices and bearing things because she wanted to safe her relationship and was scare for divorce. Divorce ratio in other counties:
In some countries divorce is not easy and quick way to leave partner, somewhere because of strong religion belief, whereas France, Italy and Japan are also not favourable to quit partnership and divorce quickly, according to them a couple who face marital problem must take required time several years to dissolve the problem. (the sociology of childhood William A. Corsaro)

Divorce legally in Ireland:
Agencies were working out on divorce from many years. In 1989 first referendum of divorce legislation was came up but it was rejected, whereas Judicial Separation Family Law Reform Act introduced by government in 1989, therefore many marriages broken-down and number of couple got separation. (Burley and Regan, 2002, p. 206).
The second referendum in 1995 was based on financially support for woman and children which was passed. divorce took place legally in Ireland in

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