Family Essay: The Importance Of Family In Antigone

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The Importance of Family in Antigone Following one’s heart does not always mean following the law. Civil disobedience is justifiable when dealing with family. Devotion to family is significant, especially in Greek culture. The play Antigone by Sophocles, stresses the importance of family and how the disturbance of traditions may lead to conflict. Creon, the antagonist of the play, implements a decree to minimize betrayal from the people of Thebes. The order states that his nephew, Polyneices, may not have a proper burial due to his acts of treason; anyone who defies this rule will be punished. The eponymous character of the play, Creon’s niece, holds a different opinion and gives Polyneices the burial she believes he deserves. Sure enough, Creon catches Antigone and executes her by attempting to starve her to death. Overall, Creon’s demeanor does not work in his favor because the gods give him a fate worse than death. Throughout the play, Sophocles illustrates that family is the most prominent aspect of life. Antigone made the ethical decision to bury Polyneices. Family means more to Antigone than her own life. She would…show more content…
Some people may argue that Creon was justified in punishing Antigone although she is his direct relative. Those who defend Creon’s actions say that maintaining order in Thebes is more important than loved ones. This is an understandable concern, however, in obtaining the so-called “order” in Thebes, Creon faces a punishment far worse than death. Additionally, the people in Thebes do not agree with their ruler: “the city mourns for [Antigone],” and they believe that she deserves “a golden crown” for her demeanor (775, 782). Antigone, Haemon, the people of Thebes and the Gods all have one thing in common; they all disagree with Creon’s decree. Considering all the odds are against Creon, it can be concluded that family is more important than

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