Family External Structure

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External Structure. According to Wright and Leahey (2013), external structure is the assessment of a family’s extended family and other larger systems they have contact with. To begin, the ecomap (Appendix B) illustrates that both J.M and M.M. commute to work and that M.M.’s occupation is particularly stressful. Furthermore, all internal family members utilize health care services offered by a local facility. J.L.M. attends daycare daily and regularly visits his primary physician. M.M. and J.M. attend a local clinic for yearly checkups or to address acute health concerns. At this time, there are no chronic health concerns for this family. Other than commuting to work and regular visits to the doctor, the family predominately resides at home. Since J.L.M. was born, they have had the opportunity to go camping as a family, but otherwise find it difficult to find time to do recreational activities.…show more content…
and M.M. both have extended family within the area. J.M. expressed a precise attachment and relationship with her mother and sister. J.M. talks with them frequently on the phone, typically three times a week. Otherwise, they are visiting usually once a week, especially since J.L.M. was born. M.M. expresses closeness with his older brother that lives within the area. M.M. explains he typically talks to his older brother daily and visits him once a week. Both M.M. and J.M. expressed a closer relationship with M.M.’s extended family. They explained that M.M.’s family often offers advice and willingness to assist with childcare and other household duties. Although these resources are available, J.M. and M.M. admit to rarely accepting outside help with childcare or household
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