Family Feud Analysis

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Social Context – Introduction: The genre of the television show I have chosen to analyse and evaluation is a ‘Game Show’ entitled ‘Family Feud’. This show was originally produced in America with the first episode screening on 12th July 1976. It was shown by the American Broadcasting Company, C.B.S and NBC. An Australian version of this show was first aired in 1977 with various remakes up until 2014 when Channel Ten revived the show with Grant Denyer as the host, and a viewing time of 6.00 pm. from Sunday to Friday each week. As of 8/1/2018, 1007 episodes of the game show have been shown. ‘Family Feud’ is a family show, so 6.00 pm. Is a suitable screening time as most families are home from work or school and are usually having their evening…show more content…
The show is organized with 2 teams. Each team consists of four family members that can be any sex, and any age but related in some way. Prior to the show 100 people are interviewed and their responses to set questions are recorded. In the team competition section of the show the target is to give the correct responses to everyday situations. If your response is one of those listed, your team keeps playing. Three errors in a row give the other team a chance to try to complete the correct responses. The winning team then goes to a ‘sound proof’ room while the other has 5 questions to answer in twenty seconds. A score is then given that corresponds to the answers from 100 people who were selected as participants in the survey. The challenge is to get a total combined score over 200. The second player has an extra five seconds and a beep sounds if their answer has already been given. Each night they could win $10,000 for their team and after five nights can win a car. I consider the new car to be a ‘tricky’ prize as it would be difficult to share between all the…show more content…
who wants a bit of fun and a challenge to be able to respond quickly with an answer to a question. ‘Family Feud’ is a cheerful, fast moving show that leaves the viewer in a happy mood and encourages families to participate in the game together. As viewers, we also find that the Australians we are all very similar as many responses by those surveyed are just what our responses would be. The techniques that have been used include a visually effective set, great lighting, a host with a great sense of humour and lots of confidence to help produce a fun, fast moving show that appeals to all age levels. In researching the show, I learnt that Grant Denyer flies from his home in Bathurst, N.S.W. to Melbourne where he tapes 10 episodes in 2 days. He arrives at the studio at 12:30 pm, chats to the production crew and then follows make up, getting to know that day’s contestant, suiting up and then its ‘Show Time’. Five episodes are filmed between 2:30 pm. and 10:00 pm. at night. Between each episode 15 minutes to change the contestants and for Grant to change his outfit so we presume it is a different day of recording. While all this is occurring, we should remember the other twenty-seven crew members at work fulfilling their tasks to produce an excellent
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