Summary: The Importance Of Work-Life Balance

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1.Sverko et al (2002) states that the importance of work-life balance is increasing in industrialized societies in respect to changing values, changing technology and wavering trends of demographics, increasing complication of work and family roles, the ever increasing pervasiveness of double income of families and the expanded number of women entering the workforce. 2. (Bird, 2006)attributed that though work-life balance was initially formulated as a concern for working mothers, now it has been recognized as an integral issue for all classes of employees.

3.(Friedman et al, 2000) stated that certain organizations view work and family life as competing priorities in a zero-sum game, in which a gain of one means a loss to the other.
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15.Global work-life needs assessments conducted by work-life consultants such (Shapiro and Noble 2001) have stated that there are three important barriers to reconcile the work and personal life
 Lack of flexible work policies and practices
 Availability and affordability of dependent care
 Negative impact of work overload and long working hours.
16. (Pitt Catsouphes et all 2007 ) has stated that work life balance policies and programs provided by the employers can be strengthened by valuating the demands of employees for work life integration, the availability of required resources and efficiency of the robust strategies that the employees can use at home, work and at the community to fulfill all their responsibilities.
17.(Department of Labor, New Zealand 2003, Byrne 2005, Pocock 2005 and McPherson 2007) stated that implementing provisions for balancing work and personal life should involve a cost that the organization is willing to bear. Following are the cost involved in implementing policies of work life
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The friendly culture of work life balance is a productive work culture where probable tensions between work and other parts of employees life is minimized. This in turn means having applicable provisions for employment in place and organizational system and accessory management supporting them.
21. Greenhaus and Beutell defined work family conflict as a conflict between inter roles in which pressure of role from the two spheres which are mutually non-compatible so that convention demands in one sphere makes it difficult to convene the demands of the other. The major interest of work-family conflict is that the conflict in role can be caused due to complications of role participation and emotional intelligence.
22.(Kalliath and brough 2008) states that individuals attitude about the work and non-work activities which are consistent and which promote prosperity in accordance to the current life priorities of an individual are termed as work life

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