Gender Roles In Parenting

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Gender roles are norms set by society on how one should act and behave according to their sex. Gender roles are acquired through our environment, from how other people act and behave and from the task that men and women do based on their culture and norm (Lipsitz 1981). The specific role of male and female parents vary depending on the cultures and norms. Lipsitz argued that all societies specify adult roles base on the sex (1981). Gender influences the role and expectations in the society and in household. For women, they are the ones who stay at home to do the household work and take care of the children while men are the ones who work to provide the needs of their family. The gender roles of the parents in the household are remarkably changing. Some men are left at…show more content…
Theoretical significance of this study, the results and finding of this study provides important contribution to support the theories which are used in this research. It adds empirical evidence to the theorize role of mothers and fathers in parenting. For parents, this study will help give a better perspective the difficulty of child-rearing to solo parents. For children of solo parents, this study will help in understanding the roles that sole parents play in order to raise their children. For Psychology practitioners, this will help widen the scope of ideas and knowledge with regards on how sole parents adapt on additional roles as a parent in the absence of their partners which may also help in the practice and in understanding human behavior. For public and private institutions, this study will give them additional knowledge on policies that may benefit solo parents. For the Researchers, this study will help shed a light on the differences and sameness of both gender (male and female) in line with solo parenting. For future researches related to this study, this will serve as a reference for further studies. This study will provide information in developing a comprehensive study on solo

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