Family Generation Essay

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“This advise I’m going to tell you, you can implement it into your life or you can disregard it. We are not white because of this we will get discriminated, will have to work harder but that’s okay; just remember you are never more than anyone just as you are never less than anyone,” said one of the people whom influenced my life the most, my father. Being the first family generation to a different country has had a massive impact on my family. Isolated from other family such as cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, my family is unique. Throughout the years I have met other people that also can relate to being the first generation to migrate to a new country. I believe that being a first-generation immigrant family is its own subculture within a culture. Structure can be defined as the pattered arrangements that influence the choices and opportunities available to us (quote). My own perspective of how structure altered my view on society was how hardworking my parents were, yet money was always tight as my older sister and I were growing up. Growing up my sister and I often felt alienated because we didn’t always get to do all the cool stuff other kids our age were doing. I remember a specific time of when my sister and I had to help my father fix some trailers so he could resale them for a good price. My sister and I were in charge of taking all of this one weird yellow substance that appeared to be dry foam. At the same moment other children our age were at school
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