Family Genogram Research Paper

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The process of creating the genogram, helped me to discovered many interesting things about my family. This genogram project allowed me to learn interesting facts about my grandparent’s lives that I was unknown about and it made me aware of bonding difference between my family members. Since there have not been any divorces or separations in either side of family, I have simple family structure. Even though my family genogram looks pretty plain, it still helped me to learned various interesting facts about my family, which helped me to discover more about myself. Although my genogram does not necessarily show the traits that my family has, I think the relationships lines demonstrate how each member behave, and it helps to distinguish types of family paradigms. When I take a look at my family genogram it is amazing to see how different are my dad side and mom side family based on family paradigm. For instance, my dad side of family follows an open paradigm where issues are resolved by means of communication and negotiation, each member are adaptable to change. In the other hand, my mother side of family follows closed paradigm where they have specific rules…show more content…
Since, we have lived far from each other, lack of communication contributes in making our relationship distinct. In my opinion, the family paradigm also play an important role in relationships among family member. As I mentioned, maternal side of my family follows closed paradigm where they have set boundaries. Since, I was raised in open family paradigm it makes me difficult to adapt to their closed paradigm environment. I even asked by mom about her experience in dealing with different family paradigm. According to her, since she was born and raised in closed family paradigm, it was really very hard for her to adapt to open family paradigm. It took her long time to express her thoughts and feelings about certain issues in family

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